Human Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory

University of Chicago

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience


Jessica Weafer, Ph.D.


July 2012 - present: Postdoctoral Scholar, HBPL, Department of Psychiatry, University of Chicago
2012: Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, University of Kentucky
2008: M.A., Experimental Psychology, University of Kentucky
2004: B.A., Psychology, Boston University

Research Interests:

My research focuses broadly on the role of behavioral impulsivity in drug abuse. That is, I am interested in how impulsivity may be both a risk factor for drug use as well as a result of drug use. I am currently investigating the relationship between trait-level impulsive behavior and sensitivity to drug reward, as heightened sensitivity could contribute to increased risk for drug abuse in impulsive individuals. I am also interested in the acute effects of drugs and drug cues on inhibitory control, and how sensitivity to state-level changes in impulsivity relates to risk for drug abuse. Ultimately, I hope to combine behavioral, neuroimaging, and genetic techniques to better understand the mechanisms that put impulsive individuals at increased risk for drug abuse.


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