Margaret Wardle, PhD in Clinical Psychology


July 2009 - present: Postdoctoral Fellow, HBPL, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience Department, University of Chicago

2009: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Psychology Department, University of Illinois at Chicago: Alcohol, Emotions and Judgment.

2006: M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Psychology Department, University of Illinois at Chicago, The Mood Petri Dish: Inducing Emotions in the Laboratory.

2001: B.H.A. in Psychology and Art, Bachelor of Humanities and Arts Program, Carnegie Mellon University: "The Relationship Between Unmitigated Communion, Self-Schema and Depression"

Research Interests:

My research is centered on the relationship between drug-taking, emotion, and decision-making. I am particularly interested the acute effects of drugs on emotional responses and decision-making, as measured by self-report, behavioral and psychophysiological outcomes. My recent research has included investigations of the acute effects of stimulant drugs on subjective and psychophysiological reactions to emotional stimuli encountered under the influence, and on effort-based decision-making. Through these lines of work I hope to elucidate mechanisms though which drugs alter decision-making, that may lead to risky behavior under the influence of drugs, and drug use, abuse and addiction.

Representative Publications:

Wardle MC, Treadway MT, de Wit H. (2012) Caffeine increases psychomotor performance on the effort expenditure for rewards task. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior. 102(4):526-31. PMID: 22750066

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